Youth Program

Youth in Philanthropy is a program of the Community Foundations of Canada designed to make our youth aware of community philanthropy and to get them involved in community activities as one way to help inspire and insure their participation in the future. The following information is taken from the Youth in Philanthropy Canada website and gives a synopsis overview of why youth need to be involved.

Young people who care about their communities are increasingly getting involved in philanthropy. Anybody can be a philanthropist, why not our youth?

By forming a youth advisory committees (YACs) within our local foundations, we can come together to raise money, build endowment funds and make grants to local youth projects. The youth will be in their teen and twenties, they have a lot of ideas and energy to bring to the table, and they want to make a difference – today and well into the future which is most important.

Our youth are already making a difference in more than 55 communities across Canada, and the momentum is building. Come and find out more about why youth philanthropy is here to stay.

A YAC is a youth advisory committee or council made up of young people from a diverse range of backgrounds who want to be actively involved in supporting their community’s vibrancy.

Each YAC is part of its local community foundation, locally-run public foundations that build and manage endowment funds to support charitable activities in their area. Canada has more than 150 community foundations, and more than 45 YACs.

The Youth in Philanthrophy program in our Foundation was launched March 2018.

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