Head librarian, Vicki Short

Head librarian, Vicki Short

Despite the current challenges of COVID-19, the Lac du Bonnet Foundation and its youth arm, the LDBSS Youth in Philanthropy committee (YIP), continue to work behind the scenes to support our community.

This past week, the two groups were pleased to award $2300.00 through matching grants of $1150.00 each to the Lac du Bonnet Library to help upgrade their computer networking equipment. Besides their office computers, the Library provides multiple public work stations for access to the Internet as well as printing capabilities for patrons and visitors.

Head librarian, Vicki Short, noted that in recent years, the library has experienced many stoppages for internet access and extremely slow download and upload speeds. It has been frustrating for staff and patrons alike. The upgrades to the Library’s internet hardware system will bring its capabilities up to today’s standards, enabling more consistent service and ensuring quality service in the future

The Lac du Bonnet Foundation and YIP committee members are proud to support the Library as it makes these much needed upgrades. The LDB Foundation would like to thank this year’s YIP committee and their teacher leader, Tabitha Shiplack-McMurchy, for a most successful year. Awarding the grant to the LDB Library was the last official business of this year’s group of young leaders, as most are graduating from LDBSS in June. The Foundation looks forward to continuing to work in partnership with the High School and a new group of students on Youth in Philanthropy initiatives in the fall.

*****Note: Due to the uncertain times of COVID-19 the donors of the Chuck Reynolds Memorial Scholarship and the Winnipeg River Bursary have elected to defer awarding for 2020.  Graduate students from the class of 2020 are encouraged to apply in spring of 2021.*****

Students enrolled in continuing education where the field of study will have possible relevance or benefit to the Lac du Bonnet Region are eligible.   Each year, bursaries of up to one thousand dollars ($1000) will be provided to a deserving student based on relevance, need, and the availability of funds.

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