(left) Ray Rempel, Clinical Operations Manager of STARS Air Ambulance, (right) Ray Grenkow, Captain.

STARS is an emergency medical service that provides transportation and critical care to patients who need it most. We respond to missions across the Province, reaching remote worksites and secluded rural areas.

STARS is there for the next patient who requires critical care and rapid transport to hospital. Despite the challenges of COVID-19, we continue to fly an average of two missions per day, but we can’t do it alone. As a registered non-profit, it’s the support of our community members and allies that fuels our mission through donations and funding.

Thanks to the support of the Lac du Bonnet & District Charitable Foundation, we have successfully applied for a grant to add an incubator mount to our emergency flight equipment. An incubator is used for premature or other newborn infants, provides controlled temperature, humidity, and oxygen levels. The mounting mechanism, for which these funds are intended, ensures the incubator is securely fastened to the stretcher during transportation.  It is equipment like this that helps save lives and keep our must vulnerable protected.

To learn more about STARS and our mission, visit STARS.ca.

Submitted by Colleen Mayer

Director Donor Relations & Development (MB)

STARS – Shock Trauma Air Rescue Service