Press Release - November 19, 2020

Lac du Bonnet & District Charitable Foundation Fall Grant Results

The Lac du Bonnet & District Charitable Foundation Board is pleased to announce the recipients of their Fall Granting session.

Historical Society members Terry Tottle (Pres), Janice Halliday and Gay kirby

The Lac du Bonnet & District Historical Society received a grant of $8,820 to do a full upgrade to the electrical system at the St. John’s Heritage Church.

Besides bringing the electrical system up to current codes and safety standards, the grant will help make improvements to the building’s heating system which will help keep the water pipes from freezing in the winter and significantly reduce heating costs. Upgrades will also allow for energy efficient appliances to be purchased. Volunteers and renters will benefit from a safe, efficient and fully functional kitchen.

Arena Manager Jeff Seifried

The LDB Foundation awarded a second grant of $1000 to the Lac du Bonnet Arena to purchase a safety cage to enclose extra propane tanks at the Arena.  The grant will help improve the system that the Arena currently uses to maintain the propane supply for their ice re-surfacer and ensure the safety of staff and visitors in the vicinity.

This year alone, the LDB Foundation has helped award over $66,970 to organizations in our community.  $16,970 was awarded through the Foundation’s spring and fall granting sessions, $10,000 through a partnership with the Province of Manitoba’s 150 Building fund, and $40,000 through a partnership with the Government of Canada’s Emergency Community Support Fund.

The Foundation encourages local organizations to apply for grants twice annually to fund projects that support, enhance and help grow our community. Please access the Foundation website at for more information. The next funding deadline is March 31, 2021.

The Lac du Bonnet Youth Centre recently completed their Computer Building Project made possible by the RBC Future Launch Community Challenge in partnership with the LDB Foundation.

The Youth Centre was awarded $5,750 in the spring 2019 for the project which involved replacing aging computers at the centre with new computers constructed entirely by youth participants.  In the process, participants picked up valuable skills as they learned how to construct a computer from scratch.

According to Youth Coordinator, “Interest (for computer building) has been sustained beyond the RBC project’s completion. We have had enough interest to now keep a stocked shelf of components. Kids without access to home computers have been using donated scrap computers to build their own systems. We have already pieced together and given away four units. Every week we have a youth asking to build a computer.”

The LDB Foundation was proud to be part of the RBC Future Launch Community Challenge which provided $15,000 in grant money to youth led projects in our community.  Besides the Youth Centre, the Lac du Bonnet Senior School was awarded $9,250 for their Medicine Wheel Project, which was delayed due to Covid 19, but is on track to be completed in 2021.

Press Release - October 29, 2020

Every $1.00 donation made to the Lac du Bonnet Foundation has the potential to stretch to $2.80 thanks to matching funding from the local Challenge Group Fund and top ups from the Winnipeg Foundation and Province of Manitoba.

There has never been a better time to help our community flourish forever! The Lac du Bonnet & District Charitable Foundation encourages residents from Lac du Bonnet and surrounding area to make a gift to the LDB Foundation as part of the Endow Manitoba’s Giving Challenge. This event has been extended this year from 24 hours to one full week of giving, November 9-15.

The Giving Challenge is a major fund-raiser for the Lac du Bonnet & District Community Foundation. All donations received during this event go directly to the LDB Foundation to help build the Foundation’s Endowment Fund. The interest generated from the fund is used to support local community projects that help make Lac du Bonnet and area a more caring and vibrant community today and well into the future.

The LDB Foundation is pleased to announce that once again, a very generous group of local philanthropists have come forward to finance a Challenge Group Fund.  This fund will be used during the Giving Challenge week to encourage donations by matching them dollar for dollar.

In addition, the Winnipeg Foundation and the Manitoba Government will be stretching donations by an additional 20 percent each up to $2000. Between these top-ups and the Challenge Group Fund, a $1.00 donation made to the LDB Foundation from November 9-15 has the potential to stretch to $2.80.

Online gifts can be made securely on the Lac du Bonnet Foundation website at by clicking “Donate Online” under the Endow Manitoba Logo.

Cheques can be made out to the Lac du Bonnet and District Charitable Foundation, dated between November 9-15, and mailed to Box 744, Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba R0E1A0.

Linda Reid representing the Food Bank, Keegan Sveinson representing the Youth Centre, and Bianca Pengelly representing the Canadian Liver Foundation.

$40,000 in Emergency Community Support Fund (ECSF) grants awarded to charitable and non-profit organizations serving citizens in the Lac du Bonnet area.

Linda Reid representing the Food Bank, Keegan Sveinson representing the Youth Centre, and Bianca Pengelly representing the Canadian Liver Foundation.

Linda Reid representing the Food Bank, Keegan Sveinson representing the Youth Centre, and Bianca Pengelly representing the Canadian Liver Foundation.

On May 19, 2020, the Government of Canada introduced the Emergency Community Support Fund (ECSF) to provide additional and much needed assistance to charities and non-profit organizations serving vulnerable populations affected by the Pandemic. The program was administered by the United Way, Canadian Red Cross and Community Foundations of Canada, of which the Lac du Bonnet & District Charitable Foundation is a partner.


The Lac du Bonnet Foundation is pleased to announce that, through the ECSF program, $40,000 in grants was recently awarded to five different charities that serve the needs of those living in Lac du Bonnet and the surrounding area.


The LDB Foundation awarded HEROS Alliance: Helping Everyone Reach Out to Support $20,000 to help address the increased need for mental health support in our community. Formally known as the Family Committee, the group focuses on developing resources and services to support people in the region in the areas of community well-being, food security, and human health and well-being.

“With increase pressures of lost wages, unemployment, lack of access to resources, lack of social contact and trusted support groups, people are in greater need of support to maintain and develop the health they need,” says HEROS Alliance Co-chair, Leslie Wakeman.

“With the help of the ECSF grant, our mental health project will expand to include group support this fall while continuing individual counselling, referral to crisis services, and on-going support through check-ins and referrals after counselling is complete.”

The Lac du Bonnet Food Bank was awarded $9000 to improve safety and capacity as the demand for food bank services has increased due to the economic impacts of Covid-19.

“Our current location needs to be upgraded to expand our capacity, allow for social distancing and ensure adequate cleaning procedures to meet provincial guidelines,” says Denis Godin, Facility Coordinator. “Our goal is to safely expand our capacity by 25% which should allow us to meet the expected demands on the food bank.”

The Lac du Bonnet Youth Recreation Centre was awarded $9400 to upgrade their facilities, staffing and procedures to meet Covid-19 regulations to better allow them to serve children in our community.

According to Denis Godin, Chairperson of the Youth Centre Board, “Covid-19 has upended our standard programming and shut down the majority of our previous activities. The highest priority is to hire another staff member to allow us to open programming to more youth. By encouraging time sharing inside activities and offering outdoor supervised activities, we can safely increase user capacity to 20-25 per evening.”

A grant of $1000 was provided to the Canadian Liver Foundation and one for $600 was awarded to the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB).  In both cases, these organizations serve vulnerable members of our community whose special circumstances have isolated them from accessing regular services during the Pandemic.  Increased on-line support, phone calls, and virtual counseling and programming sessions are ways that these organizations have adapted their services to support those in need.

The Lac du Bonnet Foundation is proud to have had the opportunity to administer the ESCF program in our community and to provide funding that helps support vulnerable citizens during this unprecedented time.

Press Release; August 6, 2020
Submitted by Janice Leroux
Communications Chairperson

Head librarian, Vicki Short

Head librarian, Vicki Short

Despite the current challenges of COVID-19, the Lac du Bonnet Foundation and its youth arm, the LDBSS Youth in Philanthropy committee (YIP), continue to work behind the scenes to support our community.

This past week, the two groups were pleased to award $2300.00 through matching grants of $1150.00 each to the Lac du Bonnet Library to help upgrade their computer networking equipment. Besides their office computers, the Library provides multiple public work stations for access to the Internet as well as printing capabilities for patrons and visitors.

Head librarian, Vicki Short, noted that in recent years, the library has experienced many stoppages for internet access and extremely slow download and upload speeds. It has been frustrating for staff and patrons alike. The upgrades to the Library’s internet hardware system will bring its capabilities up to today’s standards, enabling more consistent service and ensuring quality service in the future

The Lac du Bonnet Foundation and YIP committee members are proud to support the Library as it makes these much needed upgrades. The LDB Foundation would like to thank this year’s YIP committee and their teacher leader, Tabitha Shiplack-McMurchy, for a most successful year. Awarding the grant to the LDB Library was the last official business of this year’s group of young leaders, as most are graduating from LDBSS in June. The Foundation looks forward to continuing to work in partnership with the High School and a new group of students on Youth in Philanthropy initiatives in the fall.

*****Note: Due to the uncertain times of COVID-19 the donors of the Chuck Reynolds Memorial Scholarship and the Winnipeg River Bursary have elected to defer awarding for 2020.  Graduate students from the class of 2020 are encouraged to apply in spring of 2021.*****

Students enrolled in continuing education where the field of study will have possible relevance or benefit to the Lac du Bonnet Region are eligible.   Each year, bursaries of up to one thousand dollars ($1000) will be provided to a deserving student based on relevance, need, and the availability of funds.

View information about the Scholarships and Bursaries here…………….


The Lac du Bonnet Foundation is activating the Emergency Community Support Fund (ECSF) alongside communities coast to coast to coast 

Launched on May 19, 2020, the Government of Canada’s new Emergency Community Support Fund (ECSF) aims to provide additional and much-needed assistance to charities and non-profit organizations serving vulnerable populations affected by the Pandemic. The Government of Canada is flowing funds through national networks, including Community Foundations of Canada (CFC), United Way Centraide Canada and the Canadian Red Cross.

We are proud to be working with CFC and the Government of Canada to deliver funding locally in the Lac du Bonnet area to ensure that our most vulnerable citizens are safe and healthy.

How to Apply: Organizations can apply starting on May 19, 2020. Learn more about the program and find out if your organization is eligible to apply by going to the CFC website at

We will accept applications in both official languages. Applicants can apply in the
language of their choice. Please contact
if you require a French application or French-language support with your application.

Nous acceptons les demandes dans les deux langues officielles. Les demandeurs peuvent recevoir un soutien et déposer une demande dans la langue de leur choix. SVP contacter pour plus d’informations.

Due to COVID-19 guidelines, the Lac du Bonnet Foundation’s Annual Public Meeting has been cancelled for this year. View The Foundation’s 2019 Annual Report.