Computer Building Project at the Youth Centre

The Lac du Bonnet Youth Centre recently completed their Computer Building Project made possible by the RBC Future Launch Community Challenge in partnership with the LDB Foundation.

The Youth Centre was awarded $5,750 in the spring 2019 for the project which involved replacing aging computers at the centre with new computers constructed entirely by youth participants.  In the process, participants picked up valuable skills as they learned how to construct a computer from scratch.

According to Youth Coordinator, “Interest (for computer building) has been sustained beyond the RBC project’s completion. We have had enough interest to now keep a stocked shelf of components. Kids without access to home computers have been using donated scrap computers to build their own systems. We have already pieced together and given away four units. Every week we have a youth asking to build a computer.”

The LDB Foundation was proud to be part of the RBC Future Launch Community Challenge which provided $15,000 in grant money to youth led projects in our community.  Besides the Youth Centre, the Lac du Bonnet Senior School was awarded $9,250 for their Medicine Wheel Project, which was delayed due to Covid 19, but is on track to be completed in 2021.