Youth in Philanthropy Grant Announcement

After a one and a half year break due to Covid-19, the LDBSS Youth in Philanthropy Committee (YIP) is pleased to announce that it is up and running again as part of the school’s Student Council.

YIP is the youth arm of the Lac du Bonnet & District Charitable Foundation. This leadership program is supported by the LDB Foundation and is designed to introduce young people to philanthropy and community development. The program at LDBSS provides students with hands-on experience working as a team to learn about and help local charitable organizations.  Building an endowment fund, learning about community needs, and engaging in the granting process are all part of the experience.

Y.I.P. Committee

LDBSS Student Council & YIP President Bella Molinski, Principal Chrissy Viznaugh and Student Council/YIP Committee Members for the 2021-22 school year.

The following students are involved in this year’s YIP Committee: Isabella Molinski (president), Serene Alexander, Faith Homeniuk, Sage King, Kalan Sinclair, Braden Fontaine, Hailey Metcalf, Keryn Volmering, Kaleb Kettles, and Sara Diduck. Teacher leaders are Ashley Krocker and principal, Chrissy Viznaugh.

As one of their first acts of this school year, the LDBSS YIP Committee awarded a grant of $4700.00 to Sunrise School Division towards the purchase of laptop computers to assist students in the Lac du Bonnet area that do not have access to this technology for remote educating. Coupled with a $5300 from the Lac du Bonnet Foundation, a total of $10,000 was granted for this purpose.

The YIP Committee is committed to learning about and supporting community needs.  The next grant deadline for YIP applications is Fall 2022. Applications for YIP grants can be found on the Lac du Bonnet Foundation website at