On October 3, 2019, the Lac du Bonnet Foundation hosted a Youth in Philanthropy (YIP) Workshop at the Lac du Bonnet Senior School.  The workshop was facilitated by Brigette DePape (Youth Coordinator, Winnipeg Foundation) and Courtney Feldman (Engagement Specialist, Endow Manitoba) with the goal of helping students create a greater sense of purpose, understanding, focus, and possibilities of how YIP could work more effectively in our schools and communities.  The workshop was attended by 25 people including representatives from the Lac du Bonnet, Pinawa, and Brokenhead Community Foundations and the Lac du Bonnet and Pinawa Senior School YIP Committees.

Brigette DePape and Courtney Feldman with members of the Lac du Bonnet Senior School YIP Committee and teacher rep, Tabitha Shiplack.