LDB Foundation Announces Results of 2021 Spring Funding Session

The Lac du Bonnet & District Charitable Foundation is pleased to announce the results of their 2021 Spring Funding Session.  A total of $11,194.00 was recently awarded to the following local organizations or those that serve the needs of our community.

$750.00 was granted by the LDB Foundation towards the creation and publication of a “Memories of Pointe du Bois” history book.  Manitoba hydro contributed a matching $750 to the Foundation for a total award of $1,500.00 towards this $15,000 project.

A $3000.00 grant was provided to the Lac du Bonnet Arena towards the purchase and installation of a replacement ice plant condenser.

The STARS Air Ambulance Foundation was awarded $5,000 as part of a $45,501 project to purchase and install a locking mechanism that secures an incubator onto a stretcher to ensure safe transport of newborns and other infants in the Winnipeg based air ambulance.

The LDB Foundation in collaboration with the Pinawa Foundation each awarded $1694.00 for a total of $3387.00 towards the purchase of an Ankle Brachial Index (ABI) Doppler by the Lac du Bonnet Health Centre.  This valuable piece of medical equipment will be used to test blood circulation.

Formal grant presentations have not yet taken place due to current Covid-19 restrictions but will occur as soon as they can be arranged.

The LDB Foundation continues to accept grant applications for the 2021 Fall Funding Session.  The deadline for applications is September 30. For more information on grants and how to apply, please visit the Lac du Bonnet & District Charitable Foundation’s website at www.lacdubonnetfoundation.ca