Youth in Philanthropy (YIP)

The Lac du Bonnet Youth in Philanthropy (YIP) program was established in 2017 through a three-way partnership of the Lac du Bonnet Senior School (LDBSS), the Thomas Sill Foundation Inc and the Lac du Bonnet Foundation.

YIP is a leadership program designed to introduce young people to philanthropy and community development. The program provides students with hands-on experience working as a team to learn about and help local charitable organizations.  Building an endowment fund, learning about community needs, and engaging in the granting process are all part of the experience.

The Lac du Bonnet Foundation works closely with the LDBSS YIP Committee and provides them with training, funds, and support to help make this all happen.

YIP Update 2023

The 2022-23 YIP Committee was comprised of six students: Eva Buhay, Birkley Ross, Haley Stevenson, Vada Andrelunas, Alayna Boulet and Elizabeth Van Linden under the leadership and advisement of LDBSS Principal, Kim Stevenson.

This year’s focus was on fundraising and building up the YIP Fund to allow for continued granting going forward. The group was very engaged and spent the majority of their time developing fundraising activities and are ready to execute them in full force next year. This year, the YIP Committee did some volunteering at the Lac du Bonnet Fish Derby and raised just under $500 in total. The good news is that these students are all coming back next year and will be able to utilize all the ground work done this year to get a good start for fundraising next year.

In the fall, the YIP Committee will start planning the granting side of the process. The YIP group has $5700 to grant in the fall and will be accepting grant requests up to the end of October 2023. Grant approvals will be made in November.

The YIP Committee also plans to do a second granting process in spring 2024 and will release further details next year.

Eva Buhay Vada Andrelunas Birkley Ross Elizabeth Van Linden Missing: Alayna Boulet and Hailey Stevenson

Y.I.P Committee 2022-23
Eva Buhay
Vada Andrelunas
Birkley Ross
Elizabeth Van Linden
Missing: Alayna Boulet and Hailey Stevenson

Y.I.P. Committee

LDBSS Student Council & YIP President Bella Molinski, Principal Chrissy Viznaugh and Student Council/YIP Committee Members for the 2021-22 school year.

Winnipeg Foundation Representatives Brigette DePape and Courtney Feldman with members of the Lac du Bonnet Senior School YIP Committee and teacher rep, Tabitha Shiplack at the YIP Workshop held at LBBSS on October 3, 2019.

LDBSS YIP Committee Members

2022 -2023

Co-Chairs: Eva Buhay, and Birkley Ross

Secretary: Haley Stevenson

Treasurer: Vada Andrelunas

Public Relations: Alayna Boulet

Member-at-Large: Elizabeth Van Linden

Teacher Advisor: Kim Stevenson

2021 -2022

President: Isabella Molinski

Members-at-Large: Serene Alexander, Faith Homeniuk, Sage King, Kalan Sinclair, Braden Fontaine, Hailey Metcalf, Keryn Volmering, Kaleb Kettles, & Sara Diduck

Teacher Advisors: Ashley Krocker & Chrissy Viznaugh.

2019 -2020

Co-Chairpersons: Kayla Carrier & Sara Flett

Secretary: Teghan Ancel

Members-at-Large: Tanya Fisher & Elizabeth Van Linden

Teacher Advisors: Tabitha Shiplack-McMurchy & Chrissy Viznaugh

2018 -2019

President: Kaitlyn Mitchell

Vice President: Payden Schwab

Treasurer: Larissa Shabaga

Members at Large : Ashton King, Teagan Ancel, Kyla Carriere, Kylee Tetrault & Tanya Fisher

Teacher Advisor: Lisa Gow

2017 -2018

President: Kaitlyn Mitchell

Vice Present: Payden Schwab

Treasurer: Larissa Schabaga

Secretary: Emma Boulet

Members-at-large: Kylee Tetrault, Teaghan Ancel, Taylor Dufault, Anika Easto, Marina Milne, Neely Zirk, Taylor Dufault & Kally Oucharek

Teacher Advisor: Lonnie Liske