STARS Air Ambulance Update

Incubator Mount

In 2021, STARS Air Ambulance received a $5,000 grant from the Lac du Bonnet Foundation as part of a $45,501 project to purchase and install a locking mechanism that secures an incubator onto a stretcher to ensure safe transport of newborns and other infants in the Winnipeg based air ambulance.

STARS is an emergency medical service that provides transportation and critical care to patients who need it most. The organization responds to missions across the Province, reaching remote worksites and secluded rural areas.

In a recent update, the STARS contacted the Foundation to let them know that all aspects of the incubator mount project have now been completed.  In late August 2022, the mount arrived after much delay, it was installed in September and STARS began training teams as well as Shared Health’s Child Transport Team on the proper use of the equipment.  Shared Health purchased the corresponding incubator to fit with the mounting system and is now fully operational. On Saturday, October 15th STARS transported the first infant from Brandon back to Winnipeg.

The attached photos show the mount itself, what it looks like on the stretcher and what the complete unit looks like with the incubator. The STARS team is grateful to the LDB Foundation for their support of this project.